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Care home where ceiling collapsed was a ‘serious risk’ to residents


Residents at a care home where a water leak caused a bathroom ceiling to collapse were put at risk by ‘extremely poor’ maintenance of the building.

Field House, which provided accommodation and care for people with learning disabilities, was rated ‘inadequate’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an inspection on April 10.

The home, which was based in Foxhall Road, Forest Fields, has since closed.

A report, published by the CQC on Wednesday (May 24), shows that the service had experienced a “significant number of incidents that had affected the safety and wellbeing” of the people living there in the weeks before the inspection.

The problems stemmed from a serious water leak in the roof space that started on March 24, and was still visible when inspectors visited in April.

The report states: “On April 6, a ceiling had collapsed in a downstairs bathroom which contained the only shower on the premises and the only toilet on the ground floor.

“This caused significant water damage to the dining room on the ground floor and a bedroom on the floor above the dining room. As a result of this damage the home manager had taken these rooms out of use for the people who lived at the service.”We asked what measures had been undertaken to repair the leak and were told that although a plumber had been called out, no repairs to the leak had taken place. This was due to the disruption the repairs would cause to people who used the service.”

According to the report, Nottingham City Council had terminated its contracted with Field House and the people who lived there were in the process of being relocated elsewhere, but six people were living there when the CQC visited.

The report states: “The provider had decided to wait until the people who used the service had left before undertaking any repairs. The only measures taken to reduce the damage to the property was to cover the bathroom roof with plastic.

“This was done by a member of staff leaning out of an upstairs window and throwing the plastic over the roof. The plastic was not fixed securely and had not been effective as a means to reduce water damage occurring.”

The CQC also found the people’s medicines were being stored in the dining room, which showed “significant water damage” to the wall and part of the ceiling.

The report warns: “This coupled with the fact there was still a serious leak presented an ongoing and serious risk to the people who lived at the service and the staff who worked there.

“We highlighted the risk to staff who told us they were planning to put bolts on these doors. This had not been done when we left the service and no consideration had been made with regard to finding a more suitable place to safely store people’s medicines.”

Inspectors also found a stair that was badly damaged and presented a “serious trip hazard” but there were no plans to replace it and the area had not been cordoned off.

A spokesman for Nottingham City Council said: “Field House wasn’t up to the quality we would expect for our citizens.

“We worked with the CQC to try to bring about improvements, but lost confidence that the people we placed there would be cared for in suitable conditions.

“We ended our contract with Field House in March and worked with relatives to ensure a smooth move for all of our residents to other homes. Field House has now closed.”

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