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My wife sprained her ankle about a week ago. It was becoming more painful with time and she suspects she may have a hairline fracture. She calls 111 at 7 pm and is told that QMC and NEMS (our local out of hours services) are full but the minor injuries service at Ilkeston can see her and perform an x-ray. Unfortunately, when arriving at Ilkeston she was told that the x-ray service is only open from 9-5. She was seen by a nurse practitioner and come back the next morning.
This is only a minor issue but if the information the 111 service can access is correct then it would save the NHS seeing a patient twice. The 111 operative believed the x-ray department to be open the same hours as the minor injuries service at Ilkeston but it wasn't. The challenges of information flow in the NHS are ongoing but simple examples like this should be able to be addressed.


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