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Bilborough Medical Centre

48 Bracebridge Drive
0115 929 2354

I Was told to come to reception desk sign in and wait to be seen last week, went this morning for my 6 year old son and was told by an EXTREMELY rude rexceptionist that there were no appointments and that they dont do the waiting in reception, and i should have made an appointment but the appointment waiting time is 6 weeks, i understand busy times and all but the way the receptionist spoke to me and my son was an absolute disgrace!!


I couldn't even talk to someone on the phone after a 55 minutes phone call. I was on hold for 44 minutes, and then someone picked up and left me on the side talking to myself. For over 10 minutes. I'm absolutely disgusted and do not recommend this to absolutely anyone. It takes you an hour to contact them to get no response and a minimum of 6 weeks to see your own GP.


can never get doctors appointment takes hours to get through on phone I am diabetic type 2 been really ill with sickness bug now full of cold don't feel like eating so bloods up and down can even get a call back for advice in what to do feel no one cares been left to suffer


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