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Nottingham Appliance Management Service (NAMS)

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Rang NAMS at 10. am and the supply arrived at 11am.... THE NEXT DAY! Thank you NAMS and Charter Health.


Terrible, waiting 20 Mins for a operator, which is fine if your on the doal and have all day to sit there watching daytime tv with the phone strapped to your head with celotape, I think ringing the queen would of been quicker if I'm honest!


I am finding this service a bit frustrating for the following reasons

1) As a dyslexic it is very tricky to keep track of calendars, punch in passwords, and keep track of systems that are typically list orientated.

2) there is a constant worry to a person with a stoma that you will run out of supplies, so it is always good to have some extra that you know you can call on, especially if you are suddenly to work away from home or visit another country.


I can never get through to them, I have been on the phone 20 plus minutes and each time and still not got through, so i have to leave them voice mails each time but it takes them ages to reply. I work full time and do not have time to keep phoning. On my last order I had to contact Bullens direct to find out if they had got my order 8 days later as I was going on holiday. They hadn't so Bullens had to chase my order for me. Which did not arrive before I went away. Plus my order was not complete again.
I am very disappointed with this service. I've had a stoma for over 5 years and never had any problems.


I moved from Wallasey Merseyside and always called fittleworth myself this is so much easier.
I've found since using nams some off my perception as been taken off me.The lady in the phone who is not a stoma nurse telling what I can and can't have when I have used the same products from day one off my stoma.
They only sent me one lot of dry wipe and wet wipes when asked for 3 of each. And my bags never came pre cut 😡 Which doesn't help.
When on ringing them up the same lady on the phone told me it was fittleworth fault as they set me up as a new customer. When they was the company who took on my perception from my old stoma nurse so they should of sorted all of this out.


ordered my appliances on thurs for delivery by charter on Monday , my only day off as ups do not leave with a neighbour, didn't hear from charter so on Monday i called nams and (after waiting 35 mins) got through and the lady said she would phone my order through ! called charter as nams had forgotten an item on my order and they advised me that they only received the order on Monday, called nams back (after waiting another 35 mins) and finally they will send out on weds (when i am at work ) hopefully ups will not just leave on my doorstep


It takes ages for the phone to answer, and they have now changed my adhesive remover spray, I don't like the new one but I have not got the choice to have my original one.This is frustrating as the others are not as good.


I always have trouble ordering my supplies as they remove items from my prescription and then I struggle to get them, these are things I need otherwise I wouldn't order them


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