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On a weekend away break last week end wifes birthday taken ill at hotel went to urgent care london road they called an ambulance went to Queens from start to finish felt we were in the best place to be for urgent care my wife had numerous tests over the course of the day finally admitted to a ward then xray and examinations showed chest infection and reaction to new drugs returned to hotel at 11.00pm tired but happy to have had best care thanks to all the NHS staff receptionists nurses ambulance drivers doctors cleaners and anyone i have missed off what i am sure is a long list of great workers BIG THANK YOU TO ALL


I recently had a baby at Queens and was forced into accepting chemical induction, being told my baby was breech and I needed a cesarean which was a mistake, then induced when I was already in labour and pushed into an elective cesarean again 12 hours later being told it was an emergency and the baby was at risk when it wasn't. Completely ignored my birth plan, gave me drugs I specifically wrote in the birth plan I did not want administered, was immobilised by monitoring systems and told I couldn't move during labour, left for 8 hours on a drip before anyone realised my waters hadn't actually fully broken, asked about the risks and side effects of a cesarean and told the only risk or side effect was possible infection like with any surgery and was completely ignored on the ward, given no help and was discharged with unsterile dressing.


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