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Wollaton GP who called receptionist a ‘fat blob’ is struck from register

A doctor who has been found to have used rude and offensive language towards his staff has been struck from the medical register.
Dr Khashayar Ghaharian was the subject of a long-running tribunal – but the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service released a report from the hearing revealing he has now been erased from the medical register.
A total of 22 allegations were proved against Dr Ghaharian across seven different areas, concerning his conduct, threatening staff, asking a nurse to provide a false statement, using rude and offensive language towards his staff and using foul language to refer to his patients.
The report, published on Friday, said Dr Ghaharian referred to a receptionist as a “fat blob”. He also used swear words to describe patients “especially if they were having regular consultations or didn’t bring you [Dr Ghaharian] presents”, the report added.
Patients at his Wollaton Vale Health Centre surgery have been in uproar about the decision to close the centre in February. A number of protests were held by the patient participation group (PPG) in a bid to keep it open following Dr Ghaharian’s decision to retire.
A report from the tribunal said: “It is clear that Dr Ghaharian’s conduct has breached a number of the principles… and did not meet the standards expected of a registered medical practitioner.
“Dr Ghaharian’s dishonest conduct fell below the standards to be expected, to such an extent that any fellow practitioner would consider it to be deplorable.
“The tribunal was particularly troubled by Dr Ghaharian’s dishonesty which was directly related to his practice as a doctor. Dr Ghaharian attempted to interfere with an official NHS investigation by asking others to make false statements.
“On the basis that there remains a risk of repetition of Dr Ghaharian’s misconduct, and in view of the need to uphold proper standards of conduct and to maintain public confidence in the profession, the Tribunal has concluded that Dr Ghaharian’s fitness to practise is impaired by reason of misconduct.”
The report also acknowledged an investigation into Dr Ghaharian following a complaint in 2012 had “failed to carry out proper investigations” and “did not adhere fully to the relevant NHS policies”.
It was alleged he had acted fraudulent by making up clinics on his practice computer between September 4 and 7, 2012.
NHS England later apologised for the conduct of its officials and how “the conduct of NHS England officials in the investigations created an appearance of bias” and he was cleared.
But the report says the tribunal did not find him to be a credible witness due to him being “evasive” and contradictory during cross-examination.

Source Nottingham Post